HillTop Rental Townhomes
Appliances & Care

Each Townhouse is equipped with a number of appliances, including range, dishwasher, garbage disposal and microwave. Each resident is expected to care for these appliances as outline below.

Washer & Dryer
The washer and dryer units provided in your townhouse are for your convenience and use. There are detailed instructions with the units which describe how to best use them with the least wear & tear. When you first occupy your unit they should be working properly, as they have been tested. Please assure yourself that this is the case and if there is a problem notify us within the first thirty (30) days of occupancy.

Because of significant differences in each tenant's laundry use requirements, the Landlord will not assume responsibility for the cost of any repairs that might be necessary after the initial thirty (30) days of occupancy. If proper care in loading, washing, drying and cleaning is exercised the washer & dryer units should continue to operate properly with problem. If there is a breakdown our appliance repair person can be contacted for service and will bill you directly.

Appliance Care & Use
All appliances should be cared for with standard household products (i.e., Fantastic, Windex, 409, etc.) Use only non-abrasive cleaners. Clean ovens with E-Z Off or equivalent oven cleaner. Use ice & lemon peels to clean and sharpen garbage disposal. Avoid putting celery reins and hard skin items into the disposal unit.

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